DrBill.TV #490 - The Way Too Long, But Important Info Edition!

Published March 19, 2021 16 Views

Locast now in Portland, Tablo with four tuners for HDMI, Intel 'Justin' Ads, what happened to KompoZer, GSotW: Audacity 3.0, Dust Sci-Fi film, 'FTL,', is VMware making a mistake? California's net neutrality law, Techkey Wireless USB Adapter deal, Security holes in Microsoft Exchange! (Mar 19, 2021)

03:54 Locast now in Portland!
04:57 Tablo with four tuners for HDMI connection to your TV
08:51 Intel "Justin" Ads mocks Apple
09:56 What happened to KompoZer?
11:57 Geek Software of the Week: Audacity 3.0 new release
14:48 Excellent Dust Sci-Fi film, "FTL"
18:26 Is VMware making a mistake?
20:58 California's net neutrality law and AT&T
23:49 Techkey Wireless USB Adapter deal on Amazon!
25:37 Security holes in Microsoft Exchange compromises 30,000+ organizations

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