DrBill.TV #490 - The Way Too Long, But Important Info Edition!

Published March 19, 2021 4 Views

Rumble Locast now in Portland, Tablo with four tuners for HDMI, Intel 'Justin' Ads, what happened to KompoZer, GSotW: Audacity 3.0, Dust Sci-Fi film, 'FTL,', is VMware making a mistake? California's net neutrality law, Techkey Wireless USB Adapter deal, Security holes in Microsoft Exchange! (Mar 19, 2021)

03:54 Locast now in Portland!
04:57 Tablo with four tuners for HDMI connection to your TV
08:51 Intel "Justin" Ads mocks Apple
09:56 What happened to KompoZer?
11:57 Geek Software of the Week: Audacity 3.0 new release
14:48 Excellent Dust Sci-Fi film, "FTL"
18:26 Is VMware making a mistake?
20:58 California's net neutrality law and AT&T
23:49 Techkey Wireless USB Adapter deal on Amazon!
25:37 Security holes in Microsoft Exchange compromises 30,000+ organizations