Tony Katz Today: Dr Rand Paul Questioning Dr Anthony Fauci on COVID Mask Mandates

Published March 19, 2021 276 Views

Rumble On This Episode:

- A Canadian man has been arrested for not using his daughter’s preferred pronoun. The State gave the child hormone blockers without parental consent.

- Updates on the Atlanta shooting and how politicizing a tragedy is utterly unproductive and the worst of our humanity.

- Are we seeing an uptick of violence against Asian Americans? Is it because of COVID? According to MSNBC it is because of Trump.

- Jen Psaki slipped and called the "challenge" at the border a crisis, and Joy Reid says the republicans are only worried about the border over a fear of "more brown people" in America.

- Does Secretary of State Antony Blinken have the temerity to stand up to China?

The Big Story:

We examine the line of questioning from Senator Rand Paul for Dr. Fauci in full. They cover infection, masks, antibodies, COVID variants, and exposure.

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