Deception in DC: Will the Real POTUS Please Stand Up!

Published March 18, 2021 897 Views

Rumble With every passing the day, the situation in our country and our nation's capital grows more surreal and bizarre. From opening walls in the Oval Office, to darkened White House, a desolate DC during Biden's supposed "first speech" to (now) Biden superimposed in front the the press and White House. It's getting harder to tell fact from fiction. The Biden regime is one huge psy-op. But it doesn't end there... no one seems to understand what President Trump is up to and with each passing day, more patriots are saying they're losing reasons to "trust the plan." This video is another "behind the scenes" peek at some other telltale signs you may have missed, that point to what may be the truth. If nothing else, it asks some questions for which we would all appreciate some good answers. Would the real POTUS please stand up?

Info video on hologram technology: