WND Exclusive - The Right to Bear the Constitution - or at Least Review It

Published March 18, 2021 1,039 Views

Rumble by: Brent Smith

Many Americans suffer from a common phobia. No, it’s not the very reasonable fear we are living now, of Democrats running the country. That’s not a phobia, for its not irrational.

No, they suffer from an irrational fear of guns. Guns are not inherently scary. They are just a tool - like a screwdriver or a leaf-blower. You've heard the saying, the right tool for the right job. You wouldn't use a gun to blow the leaves around your yard and thus you wouldn't use a leaf blower to defend yourself. You could try, but I’ll bet it won’t go well.

Yet over the years more and more citizens have been purposely conditioned to think guns are scary “weapons of war.” On a weekly basis, we here of one after another proposed piece of gun curtailing legislation coming from the left.

They’ve scared the people into agreeing that one of the solutions is the “Gun Free Zone.” And these days there are more and more “gun free zones” than ever.

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