Peanut Butter, the Fox Squirrel

Published March 18, 2021 52 Views

Rumble Peanut Butter was raised as a pet by well-meaning people, but he was imprinted to be friendly to them, and he's hostile to other people because he's not afraid of them. He is being rehabilitated in his outdoor enclosure to not receive the affection from people in the hopes he puts more distance between himself and people when he is eventually released. But, so far, when he has escaped his enclosures twice since being turned over to rehab, he goes after people when he has the chance. Adults at least. He approached Sarah's children just to play on one occasion, but when he sees adults, he tries to bite. Hopefully, with a little more time and without him receiving the kind of attention as if he is a pet, he will be less inclined to come near people. He's only been in rehab a couple of weeks, if you don't count the times he was loose on the property after the first escape. :P

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