Get Maximum Yield on Bio-Char

Published March 18, 2021 6 Views

Rumble I have a fair number of large trees to cut down to open up pasture land. Some of those trees just have to go for the sake of time and light for gardens orchard etc. I now cut those trees into six to eight inch thick slices so they dry quicker. Once they're dry enough to start splitting I spilt them and burn them in my drums. I'll upload a video where I describe those drums and the how's and why's of their design. As I've worked on all of this I picked up a new skill by practicing making a short beam with a chainsaw. Here is a link to that tool. When I get the time I'll find a not Amazon link too. OOYCYOO MPPT Charge Controller 100 amp 12V/24V
You'll also want to buy a log peavey too. That is a tool that allows you to handle those huge logs.