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I Identify As A Gender Fluid Demon Doll | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A 26-YEAR OLD from Brighton, England identifies as a non-binary, gender fluid, demon doll - and he never goes anywhere without his horns and demonic makeup on. From an early age, Vlad Von Kitsch was made to feel like a monster, he said: "Growing up black, queer and trans, you understand the world perceives you as a threat." Instead of rejecting this concept, Vlad decided to reclaim the identity of a monster for his own, stating: "I became the monster I was always meant to be." Vlad who describes his aesthetic as ‘an ancient vampiric demon, receding in a cast doll vessel / cup cake full of razor blades’, takes his inspiration from historical fashion, clowns and corpse paint, but also that he loves to add blood to his looks. Vlad, who never leaves his house without a full face of makeup and carefully planned outfit, says it never takes him less than three hours to do a look, but on occasion it can take as long as nine hours before he is ready. The lengthy preparation times don’t bother Vlad who thinks of his body as a canvas, transforming plain day-to-day life into an art show. To further enhance his look and his identity, beyond makeup and clothes, Vlad has several tattoos. Whilst at the moment these are sparse, Vlad hopes one day he will be fully covered in tattoos and he is also desperate to get his tongue split. Today, Vlad meets up with his mum, who has been a rock, fully supporting him throughout his life.
Social: https://www.instagram.com/vladvonkitsch/?hl=en

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