Eroticized Rage & The Massage Parlor Murders (3-17-21)

Published March 17, 2021 7 Views

Rumble 00:00 Police investigate suspect’s motive in Atlanta-area killings,
05:00 Perversion: The Erotic Form Of Hatred,
19:30 Eroticized RAGE- how to deal with it,
22:30 Eroticized Rage, Sex Addiction, Love Addiction & The 12 Steps To Recovery,
29:30 Who is Robert Aaron Long? The suspect accused in the deadly metro Atlanta spa shootings
49:00 Robert Aaron Long Sex and Porn addict killed eight people because he wanted to eliminate temptation,
57:15 Georgia Sheriff: Spa Suspect Robert Aaron Long "Had a Bad Day!?",
1:03:00 Sexual Excitement: Dynamics of Erotic Life,
1:15:00 Lovemaps: Sexual/Erotic Health and Pathology, Paraphilia, and Gender Transposition In Childhood, Adolescence and Maturity,
1:28:00 Your Public Persona: Self-Presentation in Everyday Life,
2:09:00 Talking Eroticized Rage With Yoshi Obyashi,
2:15:00 What's nasty?
2:30:00 Porn parents,
2:35:00 Revenge porn,
2:40:00 Yoshi Obyashi's female cohost is Lilit Arvahi,
2:50:00 Trauma therapist Lilit Arvahi,
3:10:00 Shooting suspect’s claim of ’sex addiction’ not race motive has racist undertones, experts say,
3:13:00 Francis Fukuyama and the end of history,

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