The Bamboozlers Syndicate - Deep State and Technocracy Merge

Published March 17, 2021 47,184 Views

Rumble I trace the activity & the shocking roots of Forensic Technologies International (FTI). There is more to this story which I will cover in a future video, but for now join me as I explore this Deep State 'fixer' with tentacles that will blow your mind. I offer my work for free, but to voluntarily support me you can click here: . A HUGE thank you to all who have contributed either financially or with incredible letters, prayers, gifts and in other ways. You are the BEST audience on the internet!

In the Garden of Allah:

RTI About Us:

CNN can use drones over crowds: (no mention of RTI in article):

VIDEO: Real World or Simulation, Amazing Polly:

NBC Trump Taxes investigation:

Steele Dossier FTI:

Politico Manafort Hawker FTI:

Jordan Rae Kelly:

MBS & Bezos phone:

VIDEO: Cahill & Austin Fitts Talk:

Cyber polygon:

FTI Journal Cyber Threats:

Tom Foulds Manhattan Project “Downwinders” lawsuit:

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