Border Crisis? - What Border Crisis??, 3542

Published March 16, 2021 263 Views

Rumble Good MORNING, I’m still reporting on the coup.
It’s heartening to know that there is no “crisis” at the Southern Border.
A lot of people have been concerned about the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants streaming over the border since Joe Biden became president and immediately put a stop to building the wall and opened the border.
But it turns out there are unintended consequences to such an open border policy – like drowning children!
Consequently, Democrat officials and Congressmen are turning against Biden.
According to Texas border sheriff, Joe Frank Martinez (D), at least 6 migrants have drowned this year attempting to illegally swim across the Rio Grande River from Mexico to Texas – triple the number from all of 2020.
“[This] administration is not … being totally factual as to what they’re doing with these immigrants.”

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