Truth Broadcast #6 *{3/15/21}* Pt. 1: 666, SRA, Pindar, Vaccines, The Mark & The Fall of The Cabal †

Published March 16, 2021 931 Views

Rumble In Part 1, we look at the the spike protein through the lens of Dr. Deep State and the Mockingbird media then contrast it to what Dr. Sherri Tenpenny lays out with clarity †

We learn how the spike protein has been scientifically shown to attack not only our immune system, but also the cells in the tissues of our brain † 

We tie in a clip of Trump addressing Qanon, with the same Mockingbird media agent who was interviewing Dr. Deep State †

We end with the brutal truth that these vaccines are the mark, they are irreversible and alter our genetics for the remainder of our lives, a truth echoed by a myriad of medical doctors around the world †

In Part 1 you will learn the risks, then in Part 2 & 3, we will see how the Pharmakos Empire of ritualistic human sacrifice connects both the vaccine agenda and the satanic ritual abuse (SRA) of our children, this is not for the faint of heart, put on the full armor of God & see the demonic agendas with clarity †

Part 2 of Truth Broadcast #6 †
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