Madness Around the World

Published March 14, 2021 77 Views

Rumble Today we talk about the madness the 'Cancel Culture' had created around the world...
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the Conspiracy of Q...oh yeah another expert that does not know the difference between Q and the ANONS...Mike Rothschild, a man who claims no relation to the real satanic pedophile Rothschild family, has spent not just last year, but the last 4 years, every single day stalking the Q movement to try to discredit us.   He gave an interview to 60 minutes about the q movement. Watch here. The second twitter link below is ‘60 Min Australia’s’ providing us a link to Mike Rothschild’s new book on Amazon (Third link is direct to amazon website) and it even left a place for REVIEWS.

You know what to do

We have been met by massive, well-funded, coordinated resistance’, Attorney Sidney Powell says (Video) | The BL

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