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Published March 14, 2021 8 Views

Rumble "Why We Believe" is a lecture for the members of the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) Europe Conference, intended to inspire and encourage other Christian leaders from all over Europe to have confidence in their role in the great commission, by strengthening their reasons to believe that God exists, trusting the Bible, following Jesus as the only Saviour, and lovingly sharing the Good News of the Gospel of salvation.

What is CLF?
Christian Leaders Fellowship is a global leadership initiative that strives to unite Christian leaders through Biblical-based theology, implement practical ministry solutions, and encourage fellowship rooted in the gospel. The first World Conference was held in New York in 2017-since then, over 250,000 pastors have gathered under the CLF banner.

What is the CLF Mission?
The current situation with modern Christianity, getting divided by doctrines and denominations, desperately calls for pastors who practice a ministry of true repentance and faith. That is why the CLF was formed to unite and to share fellowship with Christian Leaders across the globe beyond doctrines and denominations under the motto, ‘Return only to the Bible, let us run only by faith.’ Going beyond language, race, and denomination, the pastors who join are supplied with new and powerful strength as they establish the word of God to align their interests to work powerfully in preaching the gospel of Christ throughout the world.

The Founder of Good News Mission is Reverend Ock Soo Park.