Self-defense and the Martial Arts

Published March 13, 2021 8 Views

Rumble In this video Abigail discusses how Christian ladies should and should not approach the martial arts and self-defense issues in general. This is the author's opinion only based on personal experience, since she is not a 2nd amendment/self-defense attorney, self-defense expert or deliverance minister. Please consult the applicable professional of your choice.

This video was made using Nawmal software, licensed to the author, Maggie Salle (a screen name). The opinions, conclusions, thoughts, feelings and expressions are based on the author's experiences only and are her own. The author is not a self-defense expert, a second amendment/self-defense attorney or a deliverance minister, but the topics discussed are based on her own experiences. This video is one person's opinion and is not meant to render legal advice or any other kind of advice or instruction. It is not meant to persecute anyone. Please consult the proper attorney or professional of your choice for advice on your own situation.