SHOCKING: World Renowned Vaccine Expert Just Blew The Whistle (Truth Warrior)

2 years ago

Every human being alive needs to watch the video below that I cover in this episode. Many of us knew this was coming. Many warned the world. Thousands of experts around the world have come out in the past 6 months or so saying exactly this. They were ALL silenced and censored. No scientific debate of any kind has been allowed about this. Why?

Now one of the TOP vaccine manufacturers in the world, no joke, has just vindicated myself & all of these experts, who I and many others were actually personally BANNED from social media for interviewing on our shows about exactly this information he just released publicly.

This world renowned vaccine expert has a resume a mile long. His name is Geert Vanden Bossche. Go look him up and read his bio.

This is not me saying this. Listen to what he has to say.

He has a dire warning for humanity regarding these new COVID VACCINES.

It’s crucial to understand this.

Watch this video!
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