Greenough River Finally Flows After Three Years

Published March 13, 2021 1,002 Views $0.07 earned

Rumble / Natural PhenomenaOccurred on March 6, 2021 / Walkaway, Western Australia

Info from Licensor: "This river (Greenough River) only usually has small pockets of water in it throughout the year, unless there is big, heavy rainfall further up north during our summer. The last time it rained heavily in the north, making the river flow was in 2018. So it was great to see the river have a big flush out again, being 3 years later. This video was captured of the front of the river moving through the small country town called, Walkaway. You can see it gathering up all the natural debris along the way. From Walkaway it flows to the river mouth at Cape Burney (near Geraldton, Western Australia) and out to the ocean."