H.R. 5 Marjorie Taylor Green Freedom Caucus

Published March 13, 2021 307 Views

Rumble Dems passed H.R. 5, amending the already existing Equality Act made decades ago. The changes address sexual orientation (is this transphobic, Rep. Horono?). These changes will allow males to play in female sports as transexual females. The males may not be able to qualify for scholarships for their abilities while playing with males. Once feminists believed males were abusing systems so women can always lose to a man. Today, people tell women they are wrong to assume a male would ever use any means, like pretending to be transexual. This bill allows males to enter bathrooms with little girls and women. Removing females last refuge. No. No. No way would ANY man take advantage of a system created to allow entry into safe places for their use and safety.
Rep. Greene DARES the media to print the bill of H.R. 5. She warns them about celebrating the silencing of conservative media because they may be next. Under Obama journalists were imprisoned. So, do not forget Biden was his VP and is supporting big tech in silencing social media personalities and conservative channels like Fox News. Once the Dems have no one to go after on the right, they will start looking at progressive news. Since the Leftist news focuses on grievance politics they will have to cover the drama. Look at the rioters that are calling Biden out and the news will cover it for ratings. The leftist media will try to stoke those flames. Bam! the government will come for media like CNN. They will arrest real journalists that want to expose corruption.

The most dangerous policies are in this bill. It will allow men to enter domestic violence shelters as long as they claim they are a woman for the day. WORSE OFF, our baby girls will be vulnerable to males that may take advantage of "the system" the Dems in Congress created.
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