A Fundamental Understanding -- How to Change the Courts March 12, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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A Fundamental Understanding -- How to Change the Courts March 12, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

Every day of my life I am assaulted with a flood of complaints and horror stories about the "justice" system in America, because quite plainly, it is not a justice system. It is an injustice system.
There are reasons for this and once you know the reasons, it is easy to grasp the reasons why.
This system was set up in the wake of the Civil War by the triumphant Union Army and their British Allies as a means to collect war reparations from the Southerners.
What you are dealing with are the infamous "Carpetbagger Courts", so-named because Hired Jurists from the North and overseas arrived carrying their belongings in "carpet bags" --- bringing with them their foreign law, known as the King's Equity Law, in which the King owned all Equity.
The way this "law" works is that all the victims of it are pre-judged and defined as criminals, so that when you walk into one of these courts there are no actual court proceedings or evidence. You are already condemned simply on the presumption that you are a rebel and owe the King money.
Read the infamous Fourteenth Amendment of the Scottish Interloper's Articles of Incorporation masquerading as "The Constitution of the United States of America" published in 1868 with new eyes.
All Municipal "citizens of the United States" --- the Federal Civil Service workers who sided with the South, are criminals and debtors by definition, as well as all the hapless black plantation workers who had this citizenship status "conferred" on them the year prior.
This allowed the King's Hired Jurists to come in and set up private debt collection agencies in the form of courts; these Hired Jurists are instructed to provide "an appearance" of justice ---- that is, to act under color of law, and to appear to go through a court procedure, when in fact, that isn't what is happening at all.
What their actual job is, is to seize upon assets belonging to you for the King's benefit, and they get a fat cut of the proceeds for doing so. Examine the CRIS system, which is a pension system based on rigged betting on court cases.
With a 96% conviction rate, betting on the results of American court cases is a pastime akin to shooting fish in a barrel, which is why it is so popular with sleazy investors. It's a "sure thing" because everyone is guilty by definition.
This proved so highly lucrative for the King and his Hired Jurists that nearly all the courts employ these same means and modes of operation. They are not in the business of providing justice --- they come right out and tell you that their courts don't consider the Law or the facts.
And now, doesn't it all begin to make a lot more sense that Bar Attorneys are Shipping Clerks in the British Merchant Marine Service?
It's their job to ship your assets (minus a healthy cut for their services) back to the Pope and the King.
So, about now, you are outraged, stunned, realizing that these filthy pikers have been sitting in your courthouses, pulling this racketeering scam for decades, and have gotten away with it and have only become more brazen about their racketeering over time.
And you are beginning to realize that these are not your courts at all.
They are literally foreign courts, and they are enforcing foreign law on you, in direct violation of our Public Law, Amendment XI of all three Constitutions: Americans are not subject to any foreign law ---- so how'd you wind up in their docket?
By being misidentified.

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