Genesis part 5 - Crucifixional Life Stream

Published March 12, 2021 3 Views

Rumble Fr. Christopher Salamy’s book, The Way of the Warrior Saint: How to Live a Crucifixional Life, has been met with an overwhelming response. An Amazon editor’s pick, The Way of the Warrior Saint heralds self-sacrifice, or, Crucifixional Living, over the temptation to take the easy road in life. Modeled on Jesus' victory over Death thromugh His voluntary suffering on the Cross, it spotlights real-life heroes who through Crucifixional Living became exceptional human beings. If you hunger for something more than cliche self-help books which so often focus on material success, read this counterintuitive approach to life. Written in a conversational tone for a general adult audience, you will find the anecdotes, imagery and biblical exegesis both moving and relatable.

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