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Jack Monahan’s interview with Peter Falkenberg Brown: The Cultural and Political Divide in America

March 11, 2021

Jack Monahan’s audio interview with Peter Falkenberg Brown on:

“The Cultural and Political Divide in America”

This is a Love, Freedom, and the World Podcast, and I’m Peter Falkenberg Brown.

Today, on March 11, 2021, a freelance journalist and podcast producer named Jack Monahan interviewed me for thirty minutes as part of a long-form series he’ll be publishing online in the autumn of this year. He’s compiling stories of people of different beliefs and backgrounds from across the country, focused on the cultural and political divide currently affecting America.

He’ll be publishing the completed series at his website: https://jackmonahan.com. He’s graciously given me permission to post his interview with me on my website, at https://peterfalkenbergbrown.com, for which I thank him.



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