‘Border Coordinator’ Blames Trump For Border Crisis – He Didn’t Give Immigrants Hope

Published March 10, 2021 1,412 Views

Rumble Peter Doocy: Do you think it’s a coincidence as soon as Trump and his immigration policy were on the way out and Biden and his stated policy were on their way in, this surge at the border started?

Roberta Jacobson: One of the things I think is important is we have seen surges before. Surges tend to respond to hope and there was a significant hope for a more humane policy after four years of pent up demand. I don’t know whether I would call that a coincidence but I think the idea that a more humane policy would be in place may have driven people to make that decision but perhaps more importantly, it definitely drove smugglers to express disinformation, to spread disinformation about what was now possible we know that.