Intuition, Learn to Trust Yourself!

Published March 10, 2021 4 Views

Rumble I have not always had intuition, or at least I never listened to it. But recently I got such an overwhelming surge of adrenaline that was impossible to ignore. I was listening to a podcast about life coaching and after only a couple of episodes I got a tingling sensation all over my body and I knew in that moment that I was meant to pursue a career in life coaching.
Then the second time within a week I got another rush of adrenaline was when I was texting with a woman I had known for a few years, but we had never had much contact other than to say hello in passing. Things had changed this year and we are in a position to have more purposeful conversations. She text me something about no longer being silent about certain situations, no longer fearing the shame.
I don’t know in what way she will impact my life, I don’t know if it was just the inspiration to change my diet or if there is more to her impact on my life. I don’t know if she is meant to effect my life or if I am meant to make an impact in her life.
If you have never had intuition, or never listened to it, learning to recognize it may take a little effort. Start paying attention to your feelings throughout the day. Start listening to your feelings, start focusing on the images or words that stick with you all day. Eventually you will start to trust yourself and understand the sensations that come over you when something important is happening.
Add an affirmation to your day, I trust myself and my intuition is showing me the way. Whatever works for you, but trust yourself, it will take you on the journey you have always wanted to take.

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