Loundoun County Govt School Teacher Blasts School Board

Published March 10, 2021 16,021 Views

Rumble Loundoun County Virginia Govt School Teacher Blasts The School Board
March 10, 2021

Sisson for Schools - https://www.facebook.com/Sisson4Schools/

I just realized that at some point FB did away with my ABOUT writeup.
🙄 Since I’ve gotten a lot of new followers of late, I thought I better post something for all those who may not know how I fit in here (and judging by some of my PMs, it’s necessary).

🔹I am NOT a member of the Loudoun County School Board. Any opinions I express here are my own and do not represent LCPS in any way.

🔹I *was* a School Board candidate in 2019. I ran for the At-Large seat now held by Denise Corbo. I am the parent of two now-graduates of LCPS and was a long-time volunteer and advocate in their schools.

🔹When the election was over, my interest in service never waned, so I decided to switch from a campaign page to an information page. My goals were to:

▪️ Continue to share what the School Board was up to, including topics being raised in Committees, so that parents weren’t blindsided;

▪️ Teach parents: how the SB works, how to find information, how to engage, and how to advocate;

▪️ Impress upon the community that these LOCAL elections matter!
Then COVID happened and accomplished these better than I ever could. 💥

🔹Since I am not an elected official, I am not bound by the same rules when it comes to social media communication. I can hide comments, delete posts, or block followers. And although many have encouraged me to do just that over the years, I can’t recall ever doing so. I certainly don’t agree with every comment made on my posts, and it does get messy at times, but I’m not a fan of censorship. There’s too much of that nowadays.

🔹Think of me as a reporter of sorts. I post now and then on what the Committees are up to. I give a play-by-play of the full SB meetings. Sometimes I share other news and school-related stuff. I try to keep my opinions to myself (semi-successfully) because who cares what I think anyway? 🤷‍♀️

As I said once before, I’ll continue doing what I’m doing until I feel called in another direction. Or until no one’s listening anymore. Whichever comes first.