Reclaiming Patriotism In An Age Of Extremes (3-9-21)

3 years ago

00:00 ‘Reclaiming Patriotism in an Age of Extremes’ Review: Competing Loyalties,
09:40 Nancy Rommelmann: How to Become a Dangerous Person
21:30 New Modes and Orders: Machiavelli's The Prince (chaps. 1-12),
24:20 Christ & The West: The Future of Religion,
41:00 Ben Shapiro plays the violin,
46:00 Gavin on Redbar,
52:30 Mike Enoch vs Pornhub,
1:03:00 White slavery,
1:06:00 More white slavery,
1:14:40 GypsyCrusader’s side of the catboykami drama, grifting,
1:20:40 Ralph swatted live on Killstream while exposing who got Gypsy Crusader raided,
1:37:20 Keith Woods on Tim Pool's predictions of civil war,
1:42:00 Activist Milo Yiannopoulos is now ‘Ex-Gay,’ consecrating his life to St. Joseph,
1:46:00 E. Michael Jones on Jews subverting Jews
1:51:00 Buttmitzvah,
2:21:10 Fox News as an '80s Power-Pop song,
2:45:00 How to succeed as a talk show host,
2:50:40 Forgive For Good (Fred Luskin),

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