As Hong Kong Goes, So Go We - 3-9-2021 Charlotte County

Rumble COULD AMERICA END UP LIKE HONG KONG? Yes, we are already headed in that direction. Learn the history of how Hong Kong has now lost their country. The CCP has been infiltrating their government since 1997. In March 2021, almost their entire Conservative lawmakers in their version of America's House of Representatives was arrested and now face life imprisonment or worse. If you think that can't happen in the U.S., you need to watch this presentation. As explained by Cathi Chamberlain aka The Deplorable Author, the Democrat politicians, along with the black hats in the FBI, DHS and others in the IC, have already been infiltrated by the CCP decades ago. Using Saul Alinsky tactics in her speech, Cathi explains why Trump supporters are now all targets of the left and we may have precious little time left to win our country back.