Sweet pup welcomes home rescued distressed fawn

Published March 8, 2021 47,465 Views $26.62 earned

One day this woman and her friend went on a hike with their four dogs. As they were heading down a trail two ladies walked towards them with a little skinny dog following at their heels... or so they thought.

As they came closer they realized it was a fawn that was following them and licking their legs. They spoke with the two ladies and they said the fawn wouldn’t leave them alone. The area where they were hiking is an area where one man in the community who is still allowed to trap and sell axis deer to game farms (he is grandfathered in).

Often fawns are left behind when their moms are taken away. The little fawn was in distress. Fawns are born scentless and their moms go off to feed for up to 8 hours after birth before they come back and encourage them to walk. The fawns lay motionless. Often animals and humans will walk right past and not eve know they are there. This particular fawn had a will to live, so they took her home!

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