A Slice Of Justice, COPS TV SHOW

Published March 8, 2021 2,069 Views $0.54 earned

Rumble Corporal Sy Slover of the Amarillo Police Department responds to a call of an armed robber. When Corporal Slover arrives he encounters a frantic pizza delivery guy who explains that he was just robbed at gunpoint by a man and woman. He states the suspects fled the scene but are hiding a few houses away. A previous offender appears from around the corner, startling Corporal Slover since he did not know if the man was involved in the robbery or not. He was not involved but points out that there is someone hiding in the nearby shed. Backup arrives and they begin to search the area for the two suspects. The officers beckon the suspect out of the shed and arrest him. They find brass knuckles and a knife in his possession and several burglary tools in a parked car. The pizza delivery guy confirms that the man who was apprehended was part of the robbery, but the woman who pulled the gun on him is still at large. The man is taken to jail for aggravated robbery.


Amarillo Police Department