The Art of Debate w Jim Goad, Nick Fuentes, Baked Alaska, Irony Bros (12-22-18)

2 years ago

00:00 Logical fallacies
15:00 The art of the interview
1:16:20 Jim Goad arrives
2:00:00 Matt Forney arrives
2:05:45 Weekly Sweat arrives
2:10:55 Baked Alaska arrives
2:13:00 Shawn from Irony Bros arrives
2:25:55 Nick Fuentes arrives
3:24:00 Jim and Nick

The original show was streamed Dec. 22, 2018.,

Jim Goad has been a friend for 16 years and I feel bad about the false attacks I allowed last night in many directions. My reaction video:

Panel: Jim Goad
Nick Fuentes:
The Weekly Sweat:
Shawn from the Irony Bros
Baked Alaska:
Right Ruminations
Colin Liddell:

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