Singer Carman Licciardello Memorial - Pastor Elisheva Eliyahu Loves You No One Will Take Your Place

Published March 7, 2021 716 Views

Rumble "We are called to be effective, not popular" – Carman

Singer & songwriter, promoted to Heaven February 16, 2021 and born in Trenton, New Jersey, January 19, 1956.

Carman began his musical career playing drums in his mother’s band at the age of 15. Christian performer like none other, he was most of all an evangelist. There's no way you can classify a Carman song by its style but rather by the shear blunt-force impact delivery in a persons life, with an unmistakable Gospel message.

After all the singing, dancing, clapping and preaching, throngs of people would stream down to the counseling area to accept YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH—many times as many as 5,000 in an evening. Admission was usually free, a simple offering taken. Now he is in Heaven enjoying the rewards of his labor, and watching as his work continues to bear fruit on earth to the glory of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.