Ai Trans and Division Programming Reverse Speech Analysis Featuring Angela Stanton King, M. Obama...

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Biden Family RSA-

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My Jewish Learning-
“Lilith is the most notorious demon in Jewish tradition. In some sources, she is conceived of as the original woman, created even before Eve, and she is often presented as a thief of newborn infants. Lilith means “the night,” and she embodies the emotional and spiritual aspects of darkness: terror, sensuality, and unbridled freedom.”

In RS, the night usually means evil. Dark programming will pair freedom with evil to make you feel free while doing evil. Those are metaphors that are VERY destructive and are very important to restructure within the subconscious if they exist there.

Angela Stanton King-
F1: to a place where he can be content where he can find peace where he can be happy with who he is and not pretending to be someone else. Because the little boy that I saw in the video was not no twelve year old child. [I'm lookin' at a 35 year old grown ass woman.]
R1: He loves van aural of worry, the ALF he dub the demi called Ra.
F = 0:00:00 to 0:00:19, R = 0:00:15 to 0:00:19
-What he actually loves is a van connected to an aural worry that may be Ai programming EMF tech connected to vans, connected to artificial intelligence that he calls a demi god, Ra. This looks to be programming indoctrination connected to a van and artificial intelligence.
-Michelle Obama interviews a 12-year-old boy for Women’s History Month-
-OSSV Video on Alien Invasion that Goes Over Trans and Other Ai Programming Apprx 35 mins into the Vid-
-Jack Dorsey RS on Chasing Nazi’s while humans are already being depopulated.

Interviewer for News Story on Youth Trans Activist Jazz Jennings-

F2: [when she was five]
R2: The ALF switched him.
F = 0:05:07 to 0:05:08, R = 0:05:07 to 0:05:08
- The Ai switched him at a young age.

Michelle Obama Interview with Zaya Wade-

F4: [teenage years and probably through your twenties]
R4: See enough, girl youth feel her ALFnet. Siri, she in East.
F = 0:06:57 to 0:07:01, R = 0:06:57 to 0:07:01
-With time girl youths will feel the Ai network connected to an Ai assistant in the East.

Teacher Video on Telegram-
F5: [If you don't believe that there's white privilege please don't teach.]
R5: She's my seal chauffeur we observe the feel of morally fit.
F = 0:01:05 to 0:01:10, R = 0:01:05 to 0:01:09
-So, this appears to mean that this woman is sealing in programming by driving us, or modeling for us programming of how to be morally fit. Teachers use modeling in teaching to show children how to properly behave. So, the social justice warrior does the same thing. And, it’s very easy to create a social justice warrior out of a teacher because they are already very familiar with how to model things in order to teach all sorts of things. I’ve also presented how information about how I personally experienced these weapons being used in the classroom as well as children being interfaced by Ai in RS where the RS indicates it’s being down so CIA can get more votes or control in the future.
-Our Still Small Voice Interview. See the part on the Van, Ai, and our Weaponized Grid at- 38:40-

My Mom Talks To ALIENS! | Free Documentary
F1: And this is 7:15 in the morning. I'm lying and I feel like something jumped on the bed like a cat? As I sit up, I see sittin' stradling me, a [Naked Blond Female.]
R1: I misquote the gender.
F = 0:00:51 to 0:01:03, R = 0:01:01 to 0:01:03
-This indicates that that the being raping him was not female. From others of Peter’s reversals, it seems that this thing that raped Peter was stealing his sperm and engaged in machine learning with the other one sitting on the bed observing since the blond one complained Peter wasn’t doing something right then turned to the other one and telling her, “Don’t learn this.”