SANTORINI (Greece): Episode 4 - Magical Oia at Night

Published March 7, 2021 54 Views


The northern village of Oia is magical at any time of the day. There's the glowing sunrise, the hustle and bustle of the crowd throughout the day, and the jaw-dropping sunset. But then the atmosphere turns into something mysterious in the evening. It's just absolutely beautiful. .

In the peak of summer, you will enjoy the evening stroll more. By then, the heat has simmered down and you can actually feel the breeze.

In Oia, the streets and shops are also less crowded in the night time. All the daytime tourists have gone back to their cruise ships or some place outside the touristy areas.

We stayed right on the edge of the caldera. And the view was stunning. Hanging out on the rooftop was so relaxing and peaceful. It was our favorite time during our 3-night stay.

We have visited a lot of countries before and after our trip to Santorini. However, without a doubt, it is the most stunning place we've ever been to.

I can honestly say that this won't be our last visit. We will come back in the near future. Hopefully, it will stay as enchanting as it is now.

Please put this on your bucketlist. It is truly magical.

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