Drone captures exotic Greek basketball court with stunning views

Published March 7, 2021 6,178 Views

Rumble / World TravelDid you know that in Greece you can play basketball next to the absolute turquoise, overlooking the sea and surrounded by fine sand? We fly over the Strait of Elafonisos, where a surprise awaits us. A basketball court built literally by the sea and on the beach.

We do not know who had the idea, but certainly the result is impressive and original.

Elafonisos does not stop surprising us with its beauties.

A few facts about the island:
Elafonisos is located in the prefecture of Laconia and is the southern tip of the Peloponnese. Elafonisos Island is located between the Malea Peninsula and Kithyra and is a hub on the sea route from north to west (east coast of Peloponnese, Italy) and from north to south or east (Crete, Egypt, etc), therefore holds a major strategic position in the wider maritime space.

The geographical boundaries of Elafonisos include the land and the beach of Pounta (opposite the island) where most of the agricultural crops of Elafonissos are located, but also the extremely important wetland, Lake Strongyli. The opposite coast of Pounta, the islet that mediates, Pavlopetri, the islands of Panagia Kasella, Lepto island and Prasonisi, as well as the islet of Aglyftis are the land part of Elafonisos.

Elafonisos used to be a peninsula (ancient name of Onou Gnathos). The neck that connected it to the opposite shore was cut off and thus the island was formed. The neck has been changed until today in a 500m channel. and depth up to 3m.

Recognized independent settlements of Elafonisos are Kato Nisi and Kapari (census 1991), Pounta and Lefki (census 2001). Punta, located on the opposite coast, is about 550m from the island.

Elafonisos is about 49 km from Molaous, 4 nautical miles from Kithyra with which it is separated from the Strait of Elafonisos and about 27 nautical miles from Gythio.

Elafonisos has a total area of ​​22 sq.m. km (18 sq. km inside the island and 4 sq. km outside it) and a total perimeter of 31.2 km.