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Rumble Visit PatriotsInTune.com & TootsSweet.com. This song was written about the occupy wall street movement a year before it's occupation!!! The Shadow Government of the progressive liberal END GAME is out to destroy America and its belief in the greatest minority on earth - The Individual. Stand up for Freedom NOW before it's too late.

End Game - Copyright 2011 - Lyrics are as follows;

You don't have to be Harry Houdini to figure this one out
While you are watching the right hands good intentions
Beware of the left hands deceptions

Don't you take it as a hating we're debating
Karl Marx you keep on regurgitating
Must be mistaken me with the faking
Chewing the fat from the bacon up in here

Be aware when they're calling your name
Cause now you're playing with the big boys
In their progressive End Game
And it's a blood sport
You're flocking like sheep
Playing for fun
While they're playing for keeps

Coming at you in surround sound
Look around Chelsea to Stuyvesant Town to
Take our country back from the progressive liberal underground
Ride your local 6
east Harlem to China Town
You ain't in Chi Town
Welcome to my Town baby that's right
New York New York it's one hell of a Town
Go ahead take a bite out the Big Apple
Don't mind the liberal maggots

I'm not here to entertain you
Must I explain to you
I thought you already knew
I'm not here to educate you

I'm getting tired of this mascaraed
I've been betrayed
We're being played by this Shadow Government
Of this progressive liberal End Game

Quantitative Easing sounds so soothing sweet and so pleasing
Just like all progressive lingo its meaning's misleading and deceiving
Socialism's out of season rewarding under achieving and
You're about two steps from treason and
Here's the rhyme in my reason
Top down bottom up
Trying to get us riled up
One hundred year liberal mess
You left for us to clean up
The enemy's in DC
I seen them on my TV
Pulling off a robbery
Right in front of me
All the while you're still day dreaming
About this hope and changie feeling
you sold your sole to the liberal devil you believe in
and when you wake you're in the ghetto with no chance of ever leaving

The Coming Insurrection
Political Correction
Social Justice
Bailouts and riots
Union thugs
Marxist's Commie's Fascist's
Always ends up in violence
Obamacare class warfare
Welfare and entitlements
Are just a few Progressive Liberal unholy alliances
There go the facts how the hell you all still denying this

Where's America's peace in the pie in this
If the Liberals had their way there ain't no way we're gonna survive all of this
I ain't ready to say goodbye to all of this
Not just yet

The Fabian Socialist
they keep fueling the flames
Feeding our brains
We're being framed into this global governance
in this progressive liberal End Game

The National Socialist
Keep on changing their names
It sounds insane
Now they're portrayed as State Capitalist's
in this progressive liberal End Game

I'm getting tired of this mascaraed
I've been betrayed
We're being played by this Shadow Government
Of this progressive liberal End Game

Copyright 2011

As we know America's IMMIGRATION system has been broken for years.. But today, under el presidente , we NO longer have an immigration system, we have a TAX PAYER FUNDED WELCOME MAT !! And of course, any time you question the dope of hope's policies or intentions for that matter, on why he's leaving America so vulnerable on our southern border.. (besides being called a racist) the liberals always respond by saying, and i quote.. "Yea, well if you're so smart, how would you fix the immigration problem, the dope of hope has turned into a NATIONAL SECURITY situation, if you were President"??

Well, I'm real glad you asked that question little liberal, .. Because if Tootsie were President, the way i'd clean up this immigration MESS, would go something like this.. I would FIRST have a sit down with every third world liberal dictator from every OPPRESSIVE country around the world, who are literally LIVING like KINGS while the people they RULE OVER barely have the basic necessities simply to LIVE, and i would explain to them, that it's NOT the American Tax Payers JOB or OBLIGATION to take care of the people that have been neglecting for years, subsequently leaving them no choice but to come to America to escape the poverty of the TYRANNICAL government they currently live under for a better life ..

THEN I would lay out Tootsie's NEW IMMIGRATION DEAL which goes something like this…

If all you third world SLUM LORDS won't take care of your OWN people in a HUMANE fashion like ANY CIVILIZED nation should… America will.. BUT don't be surprised when you get the BILL for all the American TAX PAYER SERVICES GENEROUSLY PROVIDED by the GOOD HEARTS of the American PEOPLE while living ILLEGALLY in America..