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Rumble Visit PatriotsInTune.com & TootsSweet.com ... We need to come together 'As One' if we are to restore this great country to the founding principals of a limited Federal Government that provides for the most freedom for its citizens. Conservatives and Libertarians need to come together to stand up to the Progressive and Liberal agenda that encroaches on our liberty every chance they get. The elite and liberal media call us racist because they fear us and need to stifle us. But they will never stop our message of FREEDOM. We will never agree on every issue but we all agree that the spending is out of control, and that we stand for a limited Federal Government and a Government closest to the people governs best. Let's restore Government to its rightful owners, WE THE PEOPLE!! This song is a metaphoric call to arms to energize, motivate and unite the movement that we are all passionate about... the time is now to stand together, united, "AS ONE"

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As we know America's IMMIGRATION system has been broken for years.. But today, under el presidente, we NO longer have an immigration system, we have a TAX PAYER FUNDED WELCOME MAT !! And of course, any time you question the dope of hope's policies or intentions for that matter, on why he's leaving America so vulnerable on our southern border.. (besides being called a racist) the liberals always respond by saying, and i quote.. "Yea, well if you're so smart, how would you fix the immigration problem, the dope of hope has turned into a NATIONAL SECURITY situation, if you were President"??
Well, i'm real glad you asked that question little liberal, .. Because if Tootsie were President, the way i'd clean up this immigration MESS, would go something like this.. I would FIRST have a sit down with every third world liberal dictator from every OPPRESSIVE country around the world, who are literally LIVING like KINGS while the people they RULE OVER barely have the basic necessities simply to LIVE, and i would explain to them, that it's NOT the American Tax Payers JOB or OBLIGATION to take care of the people that have been neglecting for years, subsequently leaving them no choice but to come to America to escape the poverty of the TYRANNICAL government they currently live under for a better life ..
THEN i would lay out Tootsie's NEW IMMIGRATION DEAL which goes something like this…

If all you third world SLUM LORDS won't take care of your OWN people in a HUMANE fashion like ANY CIVILIZED nation should… America will.. BUT don't be surprised when you get the BILL for all the American TAX PAYER SERVICES GENEROUSLY PROVIDED by the GOOD HEARTS of the American PEOPLE while living ILLEGALLY in America..
How are you gonna do that, asks the confused liberal??? Good question little liberal… The answer is so Simple it's STUPID!! !! I'm gonna deduct all the services we PROVIDE to ILLEGAL ALIENS, Wether it be for the QUALITY Education, Housing, Healthcare, Welfare, or PRISON TIME they spend in America, directly out of their COUNTRY of ORIGINS FORIGN AIDE they are expecting to receive, and if that doesn't cover our expenses, i will then ARM our lovely pencil pushing highly intimidating ir-SS agents with fully loaded M-16's and have them HARASS DICTATORS and TYRANTS , instead of the HARD WORKING AMERICAN PEOPLE for a change, and have them collect the money due Tootsie's NEW IMMIGRATION DEAL!!!

Eventually the DICTATORS and TYRANTS will realize it's cheaper for them to take care of their OWN people in a HUMANE way, as oppose to the American TAX PAYER!! How's that for an IMMIGRATION POLICY ??
So basically when you think about it, 60 years of ALL this liberal IMMIGRATION bullshit that's been destroying America and the WORLD for that matter, could be swept back into the sewers it slimmed out of.. IN ONE FREAGGIN DAY!!