My New 65" Philips HDTV

Published March 6, 2021 53 Views

Rumble Here is my unboxing of my new 65” Phillips 4K HDTV. My last 55” TCL HDTV only lasted slightly over three years before it finally gave out. It started giving me problems about 4 to 5 months ago, with cable channels pixelating and/or freezing up. Sometimes the menu would not work at all. The TV would freeze up, and you could not reboot it until it would reboot itself 5 or 10 minutes later. Just all kinds of trouble with that TCL TV, and their customer service was not much help either. It all started when it did an automatic update on the software, and the new software patch they put in started messing things up. And there was no way to turn off the automatic software update, so you could instead do it manually when you were prepared to. And the Roku on the TV was messed up as well. I never did like the Roku remote control, which they tried to simplify everything and would not give you hardly any buttons at all, especially the number buttons. So once it finally gave out for good, I knew it was time to get me a new one. I was lucky enough to have it delivered to me on the day of the Super Bowl. This TV is an Android smart TV, which works pretty well so far. It’s not the greatest, but you only get so many choices in today’s HD TV landscape. Most of the 65” TVs are Roku, or other brands that are either too high priced, or Brands that I do not care for. But this TV for the price tag of $448 it’s pretty good. I went ahead and got the five year warranty on it for an extra $69. I figure I might as well do that since my last TV only lasted three years and crapped out on me.

The picture looks great on this TV. I first had to adjust the "picture settings" to finally get it tuned in correctly. At first the deep blacks were really faded out and looked really odd. But after correcting the tints and hues, everything looked great. The volume is not as loud as I'd like, even with my cheap sound bar hooked up, which has to be on the right setting also, or will just make crackling noises. Every once in a while it will exit out of an app for no apparent reason. But whenever I think it needs a restart, it only takes less than a minute to recycle thru a restart, and everything seems good after that. My old TCL restart would take around 5 minutes sometimes. And, of course, the full feature remote control is worth it. Roku just got way too cute, trying to simplify and streamline their remotes, where it was a pain to switch channels effectively. With this remote, its a breeze!

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