Owl cheats death by mere inches, flies right in front of truck

Published March 6, 2021 5,214 Views $30.22 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsOwls are beautiful and highly intelligent birds. They are graceful in flight and majestic while perched in a tree. They are a rare and memorable sight for any bird lover or nature enthusiast.

These motorists were thrilled to see a barred owl swoop down in front of them, but their amazement turned to horror as they watched the owl dip low if front of a large pickup truck. They saw the owl miss the front grill by mere inches. It would have been certain death for this beautiful creature if it had been even half a second later or if the truck had been going any faster.

This wonderful bird cheated death on this occasion, barely making it to the trees along the road. One of the occupants in the vehicle with the camera is a veterinarian. The couple made their way back to ensure that the owl was not actually struck and in need of help. To their surprise, the owl had perched in a tree and it watched them curiously. It allowed them to walk up to it within only a few feet. It watched them curiously as they came to the conclusion that it was uninjured, They took some brief video and made their way back to their vehicle, relieved that the bird was ok.

Owls are appearing in southern Ontario and other parts of North America in greater numbers this year than usual. They often migrate south in search of food during the harsh winter months. This year, there is a much greater presence and bird watchers are thrilled to see them in greater numbers.