Abandon Yourself To Me, Trust & Let Go

Published March 6, 2021 19 Views

Rumble Then 3 days before we leave my sister calls me to tell me the wedding has been cancled because of Covid and they decided to push it back until next year summer. I was flabbergasted again because we could no longer get a refund on the ticket and I was only going home for that reason. I after getting off the phone with her I sat there for a second thinking Jesus you knew this all along. This was a set up, I felt like Jeremiah “you duped me Lord, you duped” lol

I immediately pulled rhemas to see what was on his heart and if it was his will for us to still go. I pulled this card “ I still have much to reveal to you, just as you have need of discussing with Me the struggles and sorrows, the joys and graces each day. Treat me, then as your dearest friend as your loving and faithful companion even in the Vally of tears. I am with you”

So I came before him in adoration

Good afternoon Lord you said, come and let us reason together. So let’s reason Jesus. Aw, man what is going on Lord you had this planned all along didn’t you? You knew the wedding would be canceled. I saw an email to protect my trip pop up a couple of days ago and thought was that from you Holy Spirit should I protect this trip in case we can’t go but I didn’t. Lord what am I to do?

Papa answered me,
“Trust me like the little child you are knowing that I am in control of this my dear one. What were you telling Brother David this morning?”

Here Father God is talking about a situation that had just happened hours before I got the news. One of the brothers in the community was suppose to be meeting his brother who he hasn’t seen in three years. He too was anxious, nervous and excited to meet his brother because he didn’t want to expect. His family is not believers and he has now become a changed man. We were suppose to take him down that morning when we did our food ministry but we had a terrible snow storm so Father Ezekiel was prompted by Holy Spirit that none of us should go down. He came into the chapel frustrated and angry at this delay as I told him that it was the Lords will and to abandon himself to God and trust his providence. If he was meant to see his brother it would happen on Gods time. He did, as the weather was better the next day and we took him. So Father God is telling me to take my “own advice”.

I responded to Papa,
Abandon himself to divine providence and how you allow delays for our good and your purpose and that we can find peace when we let go and trust you

Papa responded,
“So I am asking you to do the same thing now, trust me”

You had all this planned the whole time didn’t you Lord?

Papa continued,
“I did beloved. I did there are several reasons I m sending you back home. The first is to show your family love and honor beloved one. The greater the graces I have given to raise you up the lower you must go. I have many things in store when you go back. All having to do with breakthrough and restoration and healing that will come from your love, your hands and from your mouth not only to your family, but to others as well”.....

Papa God continued,
“My beloved ones I am continuously teaching this one about denying herself and abandonment to my divine providence. Do you trust me as a loving Father who knows best, the needs of his children? Do you trust that I know the quickest way to your sanctification and the fulfillment of your purpose in life? Do you believe that I am in the delays, the closed doors and the crooked turns? Yes my dear children I am in them all. For man proposes, but God disposes. You can continue to make plans for the future without taking into consideration my will or think is this what God wants and continue to go in circles and get upset and be resentful at every interruption and change or you can seek me to walk according to my ways and my plans for your life.”

Here I chimed in, If I may Lord, one thing we say here in the community is the only thing constant here is “change” and that is the same when you walk with Jesus

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