Judge Jeanine – Charge Gov. Cuomo, 3528

Published March 5, 2021 254 Views

Rumble Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.
I had suspected something very sinister was going on with Gov. Cuomo of New York last Spring when President Trump hurriedly moved one the two U.S. Navy hospital ships, the Comfort, into New York harbor to help relieve New York’s hospital system of a rampaging COVID outbreak.
Film crews were on the scene to chronicle the arrival of the mighty white ship bearing only a huge red cross for markings coming to New York’s rescue.
But then, nothing happened. We expected to see ambulances lining up on the dock to discharge gurney’s full of elderly and ailing COVID patients being quickly wheeled into the bowels of the ship. But for the rest of its stay in New York Harbor, only 179 patients ever arrived.
Instead, on March 25, 2020 New York State. Issued a directive that COVID-19 patients would all be sent into nursing homes. What? Why would you send people with THE most deadly disease to the elderly in to live amongst them?
Generally, it’s now acknowledged that both Gov. Cuomo and New York Mayor Deblasio did not want to give Trump – a native New Yorker – any sort of victory and so they sacrificed the elderly in the process.
But I think what will eventually come out as a result of all the recent whistleblower testimony about Gov. Cuomo’s sexual misconduct is that there was a second reason – one that involved the budgetary deficits of the state of New York.