The Desert, from Little Songs Earth

Published March 5, 2021 1 Views

Rumble Did ya ever get to see a javelina
It happened to me once late at night
I was walking with my pup
When one jumped out of the mud
He wasn’t alone, they chased us home, what a fright
But we got to see a javelina

It is sunny you bet
The starry nights are better yet
But you never know what else you’ll get in the desert
What else you’ll get in the desert

Have you ever been attacked by a cactus
It happened to me not long ago
I was hiking with my dog
When she sniffed her way headlong into a cholla
It caught hold of her nose
We were attacked by a cactus

Have ya ever heard a lonely coyote
It happened as the sun set in the west
I was taking out the trash
When I saw a shadow make a dash
I heard “ah-ooh” and then I knew I had met
A very lonely coyote

©️2006 Vicki McCrone