C O V I D does not exist

Published March 5, 2021 28 Views

Rumble AntiChrist Pharmaceutical sorcery has sold itself as science and now it is being exposed. Science apart from God's wisdom is foolishness and why you will not come to know the truth apart from the Spirit of TRUTH. America and the world have been bamboozed by a satanic force trying to sell itself as the god of "science". It is time to repent of allowing an antiChrist science exalt itself above the knowledge of the Word of God in Christ Jesus. God has not withheld the cures. Dr. Day is a good start to educate youself to learn how to walk in divine health. www.drday.com You literally have to shake off all of the lies you have been injected with by pharmaceutical's science in health care, education and morality. The evils of greed pushed by pharmaceuticals fake science is why we have abortion, perversions and so much evil rooted in the love of money by an antiCHRIST spirit ruling our nation's leaders.