Fighting the Good Fight

Published March 4, 2021 43 Views

Rumble Today’s topics:

- 1,600 illegal immigrants arrested at border.

- Justice of the Peace arrested in Texas for voter fraud.

- Rudy Giuliani’s YouTube account is suspended.

- YouTube cracks down on nicotine with high-profile suspension.

- Kari Lake quits successful media job for moral reasons.

- ER visits never reached 9% during the entire Covid “pandemic” in the U.S.

- The FBI didn’t confiscate a single weapon at the armed insurrection at the Capitol.

- An Antifa member was arrested on January 6th on weapons charges.

- Dr. Simon Gold was on the FBI’s wanted list and she didn’t do anything violent.

- Judicial Watch is saying that the FBI has become “poisoned”

- Governor Whitmer is threatened with a lawsuit over handling of Covid.

- Raw food sickens some National Guard in DC?

- Byron Donalds finds a teachable moment as he divides between the fake and the real issues.

- Texas detects Covid among illegals crossing the boarder.

- Scientists pushed and “evolutionary” view of Covid even though they worked in labs.

- General Michael Flynn encourages us to be prayer warriors.

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(Steve Deace’ Covid ER Graph)

(Mark Levin with Byron Donalds)

(General Michael Flynn)