Can majorities against Vaccinations get exempt-Greg Glaser-Attorney Physicians for Informed Consent

2 years ago

The tens of thousands of parents nationwide with religious exemptions to vaccination for their children are quite nervous their state health departments will exploit pandemic emergency laws to require any of the over 70 doses for the dozen-plus required injections. That is because those exemptions go out the window during an emergency. At least 50% of America's entire population must be even more nervous they will lose their right to work or shop if employers in government or the private sector mandate a Covid vaccine. Medical freedom lawyer Greg Glaser hopes to enact a national exemption to bring relief to both parents and citizens at large.

On February 22, 2021, Mr. Glaser's "Control Group" had its first day in federal court to bypass the states in freeing Americans from forced vaccination. Using a groundbreaking study of how unvaccinated kids and adults experienced less disease than those taking shots, his lawsuit seeks a National Informed Consent Exemption - guaranteeing fundamental rights to shop, work, study, and live our lives on equal terms with those uninterested in the well-documented corruption in the vaccine regulatory edifice.

Do not discount the importance of this webinar. Several states will or have already rejected vaccine exemptions - whether during an emergency or not. Big Media and Big Tech are censoring truth regarding Covid hysteria and a host of other Liberty issues. Business owners and public health officials state consistently their intention to mandate vaccines. We must take our stand now or forever lose our health and the freedom gift of our Founders!

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