Cowboy Ethics and Frontier Justice March 3, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

Published March 4, 2021 175 Views

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Cowboy Ethics and Frontier Justice March 3, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

There are some places in this country where it has become "fashionable" to snark at "cowboys" --- Santa Cruz, you listening? DC Beltway Mob--- this means you. --- and to use such phrases as, "He's gone cowboy." to describe people who woke up and left the flock of goats as part of the "Walk Away Movement" that has decimated the ranks of the Democratic Party, for example.

This is the same crowd that sits around on their pampered little butts and discusses at length how bored they are and how they are teaching their children how to be bored, too. Boredom is, after all, a professional hazard of the Hereditary Bureaucrats and Politicians.

They blandly accept that their Great-Grandfather was a bureaucrat, and their Grandfather was a bureaucrat, and their Father was a bureaucrat, and they are going to be bureaucrats, too.

They yawn and blink like dogs half-asleep, and at their snide little cocktails parties they decide the latest "in" words and jargon, set the standard for what is politically correct, and thus having identified the members of their elitist little tribe, take their paychecks and play the stock markets as inside traders, tipped off by the politicians with the sure thing tidbits.

This is the same rat pack that sucks up to the politicians and joins illegal "councils of government" and "boards of education" and "municipal governments" and "public employee labor unions" and "bureaus" and "commissions" of various kinds ---the same group which promotes and populates "school districts" and "Boards of Health" ---all of which are illegal and foreign and should not exist anywhere in this country.

Americans have been so Dumbed Down and programmed as television addicts, nobody noticed. Nobody called down Wrath on the proliferation of all these foreign, illegal, private, special interest groups---including political parties--- that have no provenance as any form of American Government and no actual granted authority to dictate anything to anyone.

People have been stunned to learn that a "President" is just the CEO of a corporation.

And now, they are stunned to learn that "Executive Orders" and "Mandates" issued by State-of-State Governors (who are just CEOs of franchise corporations) are not laws. Never were laws. Have no force or authority as laws.

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