Focus for Assemblies March 3, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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Focus for Assemblies March 3, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

When new people come into Assemblies, they don't know what to think or expect. Most of them are scared or angry, and think that they are doing something unusual or suspect or dangerous.
So the first job is to reassure them that what we are doing is perfectly lawful and peaceful, not dangerous or questionable in the least. Then, interview them, find out who they are and where they are coming from, and given their situation --- answer the question of whether they should be in the State Assembly, the Territorial District Assembly, or the Municipal District Assembly.
A lot of trouble is being caused because Coordinators and Assembly Members are not doing this Entry Interview and making a determination about the people in front of them. Where do they belong? Are they Territorial folk? They belong in the District Assembly. Municipal Employees? They belong in the Municipal District Assembly. They may also be State Nationals and may need to record their American identity, but at the end of the day, they have commitments and concerns that are foreign and which are not part of the business of our State Assemblies.
This is nothing against them, no value judgement, just the Facts Ma'am. Some Americans choose to live their lives as U.S. Citizens or even as citizens of the United States, and given those choices, they need to be in the correct Assembly.
A second issue to sort out up front is--- are these people currently having some trouble with the Federales or their federated State of State bureaucracy? If so, you want to make it clear that joining an Assembly is not a Magic Bullet for resolving pre-existing legal issues.
You will want to get these Newbies up to speed and working on their own cases, filling out the Criminal Incident Report and taking other appropriate action on their own behalf without sopping up huge amounts of Assembly time with their personal problems.
Remember that the Assembly is a public body, not a private club.
This is not a place for you to come and regale therapy sessions about your trials and woes. The primary job of the Assembly is to get organized as a government for your State of the Union. It isn't a Battered Americans Support Group.
Give every Newcomer a copy of the charts we are producing, especially the Assembly Process Chart so they get the clear message that this is a process and it is an orderly, known process with rules and steps.
Give every Newcomer a copy of the Orientation to start their education and realization and thinking process and aim it in the right direction. We have to literally teach people what self-governance is and how to do it, which requires developing skills most of them don't have and have never even thought about.
Don't let new people come into your Assembly and commandeer it with their "ideas" about how things should be and how things should be run. Nationality is a birthright. Assembly membership is a choice. If they want to join, fine. Put them to work, but also set boundaries.

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