Message to All Targeted Individuals March 2, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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Message to All Targeted Individuals March 2, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

Message to all T.I.s --- you are being targeted because you are listed as being "citizens of the United States" --- and so, are fair game as guinea pigs, the equivalent of fish in a barrel with no legal protections, no rights, and no hope of gaining an ear in Congress.

It's Congress that "sold you" as human chattel to serve as test subjects. Don't be ridiculous and expect Congress, which is making money hand-over-fist from this "Test Program", to cancel it just because you are being made ill and miserable.

And don't expect the mindless wonders in charge of the Territorial U.S. Military to give you any breaks. So far as they are concerned, you are all "Enemy Combatants" in a theater of occupation.


Now that you understand your position, change it.

Declare your political status as an American and reclaim your birthright. Join your State Assembly and flex your muscle in your proper standing and capacity. Inform the United Nations Secretary General that you are "non-domestic" with respect to the United States (Inc.) and you are being harmed as a result of their various warfare testing programs.
That should be sufficient to get the ball rolling. Then send a copy of the United States Secretary of State. And to your State Secretary of State.

Take action as an American and as an Employer of these dumb brutes, instead of signing a Petition and pleading with them, oh, please, please, Mr. Bad Man, don't hurt me anymore! I am just a hapless American being mistaken as an Enemy Combatant by my own Armed Forces while at home in my own country, and being used as a "domestic target" when I am not naturally in their jurisdiction at all and not subject to their government and not "domestic" with respect to them at all.

Got the idea of what is actually going on now? Know why the rats smirk at you and pretend not to know what they are doing? Get the hammer on THEM and stop begging for mercy from pirates. Get on your feet and start moving. If you want to live in peace and not as buzzard bait ---- do what I am telling you to do.

Go to: and get started today.

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