Eating from garden plantation

Published March 4, 2021 72 Views

Rumble I intended to stay 10 days or 2 weeks in Thailand. The covidhoax come along and lockcked me down for 1 year in 3 days time. I run out of money but I manage good in life eating from the garden I plant.
This video shows you how simple and very affordable people can eat. For 3 months now I do not travel because I do not have money. I fill very stressed and I am asking for financial support on my Thai bank account or in cryptocurrency in LBRY/Odysee LBC. This is the wallet for payment bSZqyMaFPTssCkqRmwXeJnRcit32Qkzjr6 or if you watch this video on LBRY/Odysee you can tip me there on any of my videos or any of my channels. I also accept food or items in offer posted to my address or in person, I leve in Pathum Thani 45Km from centre of Bangkok.

Generic message below:
You can see my videos or open accounts on lbry/odysee and Rumble.$/invite/@OzFlor:7
I also would like to plea for help in any form of tips, repost, likes and shares of my content and if you are Thai based can also help, I have bank account here. I am here on lockdown since 07/03/2020 and I run out of money.