March Madness Maskless Month of Makeovers, Motivation & Marketing - INFO & INSTRUCTIONS

Published March 3, 2021 81 Views
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🎧 Episode 171: I wanted to give you a quick overview of our special MARCH MADNESS MASKLESS MONTH (that’s 31 days) of Makeovers, Motivation & Marketing – it’s time for Mo in every aspect of our lives…well, except for Masks.

“No Mo Excuses” is the theme for the month…It’s time to rip off your dirty masks, reclaim your freedoms, go back to normal, TAKE ACTION & ReOpen America!

🎧 Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 12pm MT, we’re adding a special LIVE segment to bring you the All-Star Team of our 106 Partners of the Everything Home Socially Conscious Referral Network.

These experts, entrepreneurs, professionals and purpose-driven people will share their stories, passions and provide YOU with real-life tangible takeaways... to Take Action to Grow Your Business, Enhance the Quality of Your Life & Make a Difference

Each week, we’ll laser focus on a different topic, which will include accountability for those who want to jump on our train & join us on this TAKE ACTION quest.

It’s now easier than ever, to TAKE ACTION – in only a few minutes a day and learn the Messages That Matter – From the People You Need to know about – while making a difference in your lives, the lives of others and your community.

Week 1: Personal Improvement & Growth

Week 2: Health, Wellness & Fitness

Week 3: Community Awareness, Action & Faith

Week 4: Business & Marketing Success

Week 5: Personal & Business Coaching


👉👉👉 The TAKE ACTION page has graphics with all the categories.

Just click the one you want & it will take you to that specific page with all the resources & detailed instructions on What To Do 👈👈👈

Here are the categories:

1) Become A Precinct Committeeman in your local Legislative District

2) Petitions To Sign

3) Politician Contact Information

4) Election Fraud Facts

5) Must Listen To Podcasts – Talk Radio Shows – TV Shows & Livestreams

6) Patriotic Media delivering the Truth

7) Patriots – Must Follow People – Groups – Organizations & Media

8) Purpose-Driven Partners Live Segment – A listing of the 188 Live Talk Radio Show segments which we do at 12pm MT on Mondays – Wednesdays & Fridays

5 guests with 7 minute spots

9) Everything Home Podcast Episodes – A listing of the 130 (one on one interviews from the past 4 years)

And since we’re in Mari-Corruption County, AZ (BOO) – there are specific pages for our state:

All listed under – Arizona Action Items & Resources

1) Become A Precinct Committeeman

2) Recalls – for politicians & elected officials

3) Elected officials contact info

4) Election Fraud Facts

5) Patriots – Must Follow People – Groups – Organizations & Companies


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