Norwegian Royal Anthem (Instrumental) Kongesangen

Published March 3, 2021 7 Views

Rumble Kongesangen ("King's Song") is Norway's royal anthem. The lyrics come in several versions. The version used today was written by Gustav Jensen for the coronation of Haakon VII and Maud of Wales in 1906. It was inspired by the British royal and national anthem, and set to the tune of "God Save the Queen".

(English Lyrics / Translation)
God bless our good king!
Bless him with strength and courage
bless home and castle!
Guide him with your Spirit,
forge with your strong Hand
holy bonds of allegiance
around people and king!

Loudly pledge men of Norway
each in his calling, his station,
loyalty to his king.
Loyal in life and death,
courageous in war and distress,
always our Norway obeyed
God and its king.

Royal Anthem of Norway / Norges Kongesang / Königshymne von Norwegen / Hymne Royal de Norvege / Noorse Koninklijk Volkslied / Norges Kongesang / Himno Real de Noruega