Charlie Freak & Santos Bonacci on the Mark Devlin Podcast~Why Lapsed Vegans are Failing

Published March 3, 2021 2,134 Views

Rumble Mark Devlin asked me to put a show together with Santos Bonacci and explain to him why so many people who try a Vegan Diet, ultimately fail in their attempt. What Mark received was the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth...

The Greatest Fail is in the Misinnerstanding of the word "Vegan"...Vegan truly means RAW, not Cooked and not served with Processed Foods. A Vegan Diet consuming Bill Gates "Veggie Burgers" on processed Buns with Yeast, is NO DIFFERENT, essentially, from eating Meat, Dairy and Eggs...Processed Foods are DEATH, and Cooking them only makes them even more Toxic to us...

So, sit back and become fully enlightened as to what Veganism really is and how to achieve Real Health thru the Garden of Eden Lifestyle.

Charlie Freak

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