Beyond the Strange Reverse Speech Show with Guest Tiffany Fontenot Feb. 22, 2021

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Rumble Beyond the Strange Reverse Speech Show Feb. 22, 2021, 7pm Pacific

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Plz feel free to share the following with those who don't know what Reverse Speech is, but might like to know.

God made our brains in two hemispheres and God made consciousness in at least two directions.

One Direction shows up in our forward speech as our Free Will/Free Speech direction where we are free to lie or tell the truth.


The other direction is our involuntary, unconscious direction that's similar to how we have other involuntary systems in our body we don't have to think about like our heart beating, is the side of our consciousness God made that shows up in our speech in the reverse direction. We can only tell the truth from this side of our consciousness.

We actually pick it up and can hear our Reverse Speech on a subtle level that makes things ring true or false to us based on how well we are tuned into it. We start developing it at 4 months of age & start learning it from our parents as an unconscious, involuntary biological, human system. And it comments on our forward speech.

Our RS is from our subconscious, collective conscious, & from our higher consciousness that comes from the same hard-wired-for-truth side of us as our dreams and body language comes from.

Reverse Speech in children-

My interview on what RS is and why it's important-

The CIA has the theory of Reverse Speech in their Reading Room because they have studied it.
They seem to be very intimidated by the truth coming from our RS & harass many Reverse Speech professionals who are very good at pulling RS from our shared consciousness and interpreting it.
I believe David Oates's son (David is the man who discovered human Reverse Speech,) & the man who started RS with David named Greg Albrecht, were both killed for this & many in my family and I are also on a Globalist Stasi HUMINT exploitation/depopulation and sabotage kill list. We are hit with EMF weapons 24/7/365. So, it would be really great if we could get the correct information out to the world about Reverse Speech before that side of who we are through our Reverse Speech gets completely extinguished by the darkness dominating our planet currently.
Thank you so much for researching and posting about the side of us that if most people knew about could restore our planet to the balance our creator had in mind for us.
Our Reverse Speech is a direct check against secrecy & deception. These are the very two things darkness must have in order to thrive.
Thank you for helping to get this truth out to the world and pray for RS personnel who are pulling it out and translating it to bring us closer to God.


Tiffany Fontenot, Certified RS Analyst, Our Still Small Voice

Dr. Fauci explains why we might be wearing masks in 2022
F1: The other thing that's important [that our viewers should appreciate,] is that the vaccines that we are currently distributing now the Moderna and the Pfizer vaccines work very well.
R1: Yeah he shift with the shoe. He farted.
F = 0:00:03 to 0:00:15, R = 0:00:05 to 0:00:07
This is saying that what the viewers should actually really appreciate is that Fauci shifts and moves forward through sabotage.

F2: The other thing that's important that our viewers should appreciate, is that the vaccines that we are currently distributing now the Moderna and the [Pfizer vaccines] work very well.
R2: Sneeze skive his ALF.
F = 0:00:03 to 0:00:15, R = 0:00:12 to 0:00:13
Skive means to cut off in thin layers or pieces. And, ALF is the artificial intelligence because it’s the ALF or alien or artificial life form. So connected to the vaccines, the sneeze, symptom of the virus is actually being cut from pieces that are connected to the artificial intelligence. So, this tells me that the virus is connected to Ai in some way.

F101: [Also Johnson and Johnson and] Novavax that have proven to be very effective are coming along and there will be U.S. factories so that'll join in.
R101: NEMIS large NEMIS launch war assault.
F = 0:14:39 to 0:14:48, R = 0:14:39 to 0:14:41
NEMIS appears to be the National Emergency Management Information System that is large and marks a war assault.

F102: Also Johnson and Johnson and Novavax that have proven to be very effective are coming along [and there will be U.S. factories so that'll] join in.
R102: Name your stat. We'll lie the seared path so evil win it.
F = 0:14:39 to 0:14:48, R = 0:14:44 to 0:14:48
The strategy looks to be lying with statistics, a book that Bill Gates has been interviewed with lying beside him. The plan is to lie people into a “seared” path that to burns, or injures with as if with sudden heat in searing pain so evil will win it. This looks to mean cooking people via lasers and EMF through the NWO Globalist cult weaponized grid they built up around us.

Anderson Cooper asks Bill Gates if he'd eat inside a restaurant 1 year from now

F103: and it was still killing 60,000 people despite having the vaccine and some [prior immunity.] And so whether people now say, my gosh it wasn't that valuable to shake hands
R103: Hid a name, her ALF.
F = 0:18:32 to 0:18:42, R = 0:18:36 to 0:18:37
Prior immunity is connected to a hidden Ai.

F104: the military or ah people of color that have me worried [that had me worried we won't get up to a herd immunity level and that we need to communicate and] create that trust.
R104: It ached an aim. This mean you, when no buy, lead an aim bitter host. Fry an egg warm you with Bureau we might add.
F = 0:15:53 to 0:16:03, R = 0:15:56 to 0:16:02
When the host becomes bitter, it will ache to seek out a particular aim if you don’t buy into what it wants from you, which is to vaccinate yourself. So, if you don’t do this, then the bitter host (hosts infected with the predatory Ai) will cook up a new way to warm you to what it wants from you such as adding that a Bureau get involved to force it upon you. This looks to be a threat to sic the FBI on those who will not take the vax. Why is this damn nut case infected with a predatory parasite still running around loose FFS??? Smh!

Activist John Sullivan on CNN Anderson Cooper discussing US Capitol riots

Everything Wrong With The Capitol Shooting In 21 Minutes Or Less (Wooz News)

Who Were The Capitol Hill Rioters, And The Woman Who Was Shot? | TODAY

Anderson Cooper Interviews BLM Activist Arrested and released at

Capitol Riots-
F100: [This lady was able to like make her way all the way through the window.]
R100: Why I met with her. Deal with law. I had a war game. Dallas ok's and we announce her.
F = 0:12:28 to 0:12:32, R = 0:12:28 to 0:12:32
The reason John Sullivan met with her, likely the air force vet Ashli Babbitt, was due to a deal made with the law to war game. Someone or something named or connected to Dallas oked the deal and Sullivan can be seen at the Capitol announcing to everyone who’ll listen that he captured Babbitt being apparently shot and killed.